To sing of water is to sing of people's longings.
"Panta rhei. Everything flows" is how a Greek philosopher described the world.
In the formless flow, water and music meet.

BLUE takes the listener on a varied journey through eras, countries and musical styles: Italy's emotionally charged music of the 17th century, the "Seicento", with names like Claudio Monteverdi, or the incomparable music of the great English composer Henry Purcell meet the sounds of the 20th and 21st centuries in a relaxed way. Century - be it in the jazz standard "Agua de beber" , in the post-modern sound flow "Acqua Terra" by the Palermo cello star Giovanni Sollima or in "Stella di mare", a pop song by the Italian cantautore Lucio Dalla, who sings about insomnia at night next to a woman.


Iris Lichtinger (vocals, fl dolce) | Martin Franke (vl) | Sebastian Hausl (vibes & percussion) | Edward King (cello)



"BLUE GOLD....As a listener, one was amazed again and again at the floating, always seamlessly successful transitions. How sustainable the musical bridges proved, with which a remarkably joyful ensemble congenially carried the works of the 17th century over into the 20th century! (....) Captivating and touching at the same time were the tonal atmospheres conjured up this time by Iris Lichtinger as the singer, harmoniously supported by the strong sound of her professionally and experimentally acting musical partners Sebastian Hausl, Martin Franke and Edward King.
No wonder that this great quartet was only released into the second "round" after an encore! " (a3 Culture / August 2020)


Henry Purcell : Hornpipe- Lilliburlero-Jigg

Antonio Jobím:  Agua de beber

Wolfgang  Lackerschmid: Lechkanäle

Giovanni Gabrielli: Largo

Joseph Cosma: Autumn leaves

Luis Clavis: Valse de mer

Lucio Dalla: Stella di mare

Coldplay: Reign of love


Andrea Falconieri: La suave melodia y su corrente

Giulio Caccini: Al fonte al prato

Henry Purcell: Cold song

Giovanni Sollima: Terra Acqua

Henry Mancini: Moonriver

Claudio Monteverdi: Lamento della ninfa

Chick Corea: La Fiesta

Lucio Dalla: Caruso

trad.:  Sogna , fiore mio