Augsburg is a World Heritage City. The city's unique water management system with a total of 22 objects, in which human ingenuity, architecture and technical genius can be felt over a total of eight centuries, will be celebrated in a special way on UNESCO World Heritage Day, which is celebrated throughout Germany. 

The MEHR MUSIK! Ensemble, which is made up of LMC students and professional musicians, is celebrating Augsburg's World Heritage Day festivities with a program specially conceived for the occasion, WATERWORKS!

The concert presents new and recent compositions on the theme of water / water power / water art, focusing on the sound of water, its power and its fluid consistency. Two world premieres by Dorothea Hofmann and Stefan Blum as well as works by Frederic Rzewski, Giovanni Sollima, Sandeep Bhagwati and Ryūichi Sakamoto will be performed. The music is supported, accompanied and complemented by poetic texts on the subject of water from Brecht to Döblin, from Ringelnatz to Goll - selected and performed by actress Karla Andrä. 

The State Textile and Industrial Museum tim in the middle of Augsburg's textile district, where water power played an important role as an economic factor, is the ideal venue for the concert. 

MEHR MUSIK! Ensemble (directed by Iris Lichtinger)

Ensemble DIE SCHLAGWERKER (directed by Stefan Blum)

Karla Andrä (recitation)

Conception & direction: Ute Legner, Iris Lichtinger 



WLS (2024, world premiere) - Stefan Blum *1963                            

for driftwood, vibraphone, marimba, glockenspiel and percussion  

deep | blue | spring | tsunami (2024) - MORE MUSIC! ensemble 

Text: Alessandro Baricco “Oceano Mare”  

Prelude “Melpomene” & Chaconne - Johann Caspar Ferdinand Fischer (ca 1665- ca 1746)

for piano (orig. harpsichord) from “Musicalischer Parnassus, oder ganz neu unter dem Nahmen der IX Musen, gleichweiss in IX Parthien bestehend und auff das Clavier eingerichtetes Schlag-Werck [Augsburg, Johann Christian Leopold] ca 1700”

Terra Aria (2003) - Giovanni Sollima *1962                                         

for cello and player 

To the Earth (1985) - Frederick Rzewski (1938-2021)        

Text: Homeric hymn “To the All Mother Earth” 7th century B.C.

for percussion and speaking voice    

Archipelago (2020) - Sandeep Bhagwati *1963                                                  

for mixed ensemble 

Aqua (1999) - Ryūichi Sakamoto (1952-2023) 

for piano

Rain (1996) 

for violin, piano and cello  

Die WASSERKUNST (2024, world premiere) - Dorothea Hofmann *1961

Scene for narrator and chamber ensemble

Text: Dorothea Hofmann and Leonhard Christoph Sturm “Complete instructions on the art of water/ water pipes/ wells and cisterns...” Augsburg 1752