Texts by Thomas More | Music by Vinko Globokar, Giovanni Sollima , John Cage, Francesco La Licata and Music at the Court of Henry VIII

MORE MUSIC! Ensemble
Yi Zhu Wang, Hsiao Ling Huang, Jin Shi - cello | Fabian Strauss - percussion | Shenglong Li - piano | Iris Lichtinger - voice, direction
As guest: Julien Chappot - cello Recitation: Karl B. Murr

In 1516, the English statesman and humanist Thomas More first drew the picture of an ideal community in "Utopia - Of the Best State of the State and the New Island of Utopia" and thus created a clear counter-draft to the actual conditions in England of his time. His work thus became a precursor for many ideal concepts and literary dreams of a better world in the future.
The concert begins with Vinko Globokar's radically expressive piece "Corporel", whose central statement - "no more war" - is symbolic of the longing for a world without war. Longing also permeates the piece "Terra Aria" by postminimalist composer Giovanni Sollima - the longing for perfect beauty, a utopia.
John Cage's piece "In a landscape" is characterized by strict symmetrical structures and a calm, flowing tempo - a timeless and hypnotically fascinating invitation to reflection and contemplation in an imaginary, unclouded landscape idyll.
Francesco La Licata's piece "Amergin Song" describes a saga from Celtic mythology. Amergin was a druid, poet and leader of the Milesians. He used his prophetic power to first conquer Ireland, an island idyll and place of longing, and then to defend it against invaders by means of the forces of nature. In the end he takes up arms - a utopia is destroyed.
With music from the court of Henry VIII, partly composed by the king himself, the MEHR MUSIK! Ensemble paints a musical picture of the world to which Thomas More belonged as Lord Chancellor until Henry VIII sentenced him to death for treason in 1534.


Heinrich Isaac  (c.1450-1517) Benedictus  á 3

William Cornysh (1465-1523)  Fa La Sol part I   á 3

Giovanni Sollima *1962 Terra Aria (2003) per tre violoncelli

Henry VIII  (1491-1547) If love now reigned I  á 3
Henry VIII (1491-1547)  If love now reigned II  á 3

John Cage (1912-1992)  In a  landscape (1948) for piano

Thomas Farthing  ( c. 1475-c. 1520) Consort VI  á 3
William Cornysh (1465-1523)  Consort VII  á 3

Vinko Globokar *1934 ?Corporel (1985) for a percussionist on his body

“ I recently read this remark: The history of mankind is a long succession of synonyms for the same word. It is a duty to disprove this.”

Johannis Prioris (c.1460-c.1514) Dulcis amica  á 3

Francesco La Licata *1957 Amergin Song (2012) for amplified soprano, cello and electronic -tape

“ Who laugh? What man, what god forms weapons? I evoked a satirist of wind”.