Panel Discussion and Music: "In C" - A Composition by Terry Riley

Discussion: artistic freedom is a topic that is always hotly debated. In the context of the #metoo debate, cultural appropriation, postcolonial discourses, political appropriation and tendencies towards censorship. What does artistic freedom mean on the part of the artists, i.e. in the field of the work, and on the part of the presentation on stage, in the exhibition context or in the publication, i.e. the field of action? How far can too far go?

Concert: Terry Riley's masterpiece "In C" is a composed piece. And yet, for over 50 years, it has stood like no other for the creative freedom of the musicians who are currently interpreting the piece. United by a steady pulse, each player goes through the minimalist patterns of the piece on his or her own decision. And not only that. The choice of instruments? It is up to the musicians. The number of musicians? It is not fixed. The frequency of repetition of patterns, rhythmic changes? This is decided by each performer. The length of the performance? It is open ... No two performances of "In C" are alike. The ears of the audience - and those of the musicians - are always surprised anew by unexpected musical encounters. "It's like watching birds soaring from a lake. Different patterns emerge, and then they come together again. For me, 'In C' is such a sound pattern." (Friedrich Spangemacher)

An event by MEHR MUSIK! in cooperation with the Peace Office and the Leopold Mozart Center as part of the cultural program for the Augsburg High Peace Festival 2019.

Discussion: Cesy Leonard (artist, filmmaker and chief of the planning staff of the Center for Political Beauty), Sophia Süßmilch (artist), Tansagol Sabbagh (author), Karl B. Murr (director of the State Textile and Industry Museum tim). Moderation: Achim Bogdahn (Bayerischer Rundfunk).
Concert: MEHR MUSIK! Ensemble (directed by Iris Lichtinger) and guests, including Tom Jahn (piano), Sebastian Giussani (electronics), Sebastian Hausl (percussion), Stephan Brodte (percussion).