Steve Reich's MUSIC FOR 18 MUSICIANS is an experience. Bright gamelan-like timbres, voices without words, the rhythm of human breath in the wooden instruments, the beat of the heart reflected in the steady pulsation of the pianos and percussion instruments: Reich's work enriches performers and listeners alike.
The MEHR MUSIK! ENSEMBLE - 18 renowned musicians from the regional independent music scene - explores Reich's fascinating, pulsating, minimalist sound cosmos.
To the fantastic piece EIGHTEEN, LAB BINAER contributes organic subtle visuals that evolve from the sound, and young Augsburg dancers transform selected sections of the music into movement.
EIGHTEEN is a piece of modern classical music, with which we would like to inspire above all a young audience for classical - new - music.
Like hardly any other work, EIGHTEEN symbolizes awakening and vital energy in pandemic times and shows how rich the experience of culture can make you.
Violin: Carolin Lindner
Violoncello: Gustaw Bafeltowski
Clarinet, bass clarinet: Agnes Liberta ǀ Martin Krechlak
Vocals: Beatrice Ottmann ǀ Iris Lichtinger ǀ Alexandrina Simeon ǀ Ute Legner
Percussion: Stanimir Andreev ǀ Stefan Blum ǀ Dennis Egger ǀ Sebastian Hausl ǀ Alexander Herrmann ǀ Fabian Strauss ǀ Robin Toth
Piano: Geoffrey Abbott ǀ Tom Jahn ǀ Lukas Langguth ǀ Shenglong Li
LAB BINÆR: Zack Marlow-McCarthy ǀ Benjamin Stechele ǀ Martin Spengler
Dance I: Dance & Choreography: Christiane Kuck l Nik Doede
Dance II: Hinako Kumagae l Diana Hecht l Jana Hecht l Choreography: Ema Kawaguchi

Musical direction: Stefan Blum l Iris Lichtinger l Tom Jahn
Conception: Ute Legner
A project of MEHR MUSIK!, with the support of C. Bechstein Centrum Augsburg.
musikREICH as part of the "Klassik-Open Airs auf dem Elias-Holl-Platz" is part of the "Augsburger Kultursommer" and is supported in the program "Kultursommer 2021" by the Beauftrage der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien (BKM) with funds from NEUSTART KULTUR.