In the context of the exhibition "Sabine Groschup - DER DOPPELTE (T)RAUM" the Staatliche Textil- und Industriemuseum Augsburg (tim) and MEHR MUSIK! invite you to a concert with works by John Cage.
John Cage (1912-1992), musician, composer, author, artist, is considered one of the most innovative and imaginative minds of the 20th century music world. He is still a role model for artists of various genres. Sabine Groschup also finds her artistic inspiration in Cage's radical works.
This evening offers an excerpt from Cage's diverse creative periods. Even 30 years after his death, Cage's compositions continue to polarize and amaze - "the phenomenon is endlessly fascinating" (Peter Dickinson).

MORE MUSIC! Ensemble & Ensemble Safari: Harry Alt, Stefan Brodte, Chloe Brooks, Pablo Figueroa, Sebastian Hausl, Shenglong Li, Iris Lichtinger, Ute Legner, Jakob Mader, Christian Z. Müller.
Sound compositions: Gerald Fiebig
Introduction: Karl B. Murr
Conception: Ute Legner & Iris Lichtinger

An event of the State Textile and Industrial Museum Augsburg (tim) & MEHR MUSIK!.