COMING TOGETHER II - The Eighties' Club

Glass ǀ Reich ǀ Rzewski ǀ Pärt

MORE MUSIC! Ensemble ǀ The Percussionists

1935 - 1936 - 1937 - 1938: these are the birth years of four of the most famous composers of the 20th and 21st centuries: Philip Glass, Steve Reich, Frederic Rzewski and Arvo Pärt.

After Steve Reich last year, this year Philipp Glass joins the "Club of the Eighties". MEHR MUSIK! celebrates this in a concert with ambitious young musicians and professionals from the jazz scene alike. The MEHR MUSIK! Ensemble (conducted by Iris Lichtinger) and Die Schlagwerker (conducted by Stefan Blum) once again invite you to COMING TOGETHER and present music by two of the most important representatives of minimal music Philipp Glass and Steve Reich. The third in the group is the Estonian Arvo Pärt, who developed his very own, radically simplified, "minimal" style on the other side of the world, behind the Iron Curtain.

The title of the concert evening is borrowed from a piece by the fourth composer of the evening: Frederic Rzewski. His composition "Coming together" combines minimalist composition with improvisation, politics with poetry.

MORE MUSIC! Ensemble (conducted by Iris Lichtinger): Jan Kiesewetter - saxophone | Shenglong Li - piano | René Haderer - electric bass | Tom Jahn - synthesizer | Lennart Pieper - cello | Radu Barabancea - violin | Moritz Knapp- vibraphone | Iris Lichtinger - voice

The percussionists (conducted by Stefan Blum): Dennis Egger | Alexander Herrmann | Philipp Senft | Simon Melzer | Fabian Strauß

Idea & Conception: Iris Lichtinger | Ute Legner



Philip Glass (b. 1937) Opening ( 1981, from: Glassworks)

Steve Reich (born 1936) Nagoya Marimbas (1994)

Philip Glass Etude No 2 (1994)

Arvo Pärt (b. 1935) Mozart Adagio (1992)

Philip Glass The poet acts ( 2002 / Arr. Michael Riesmann, from: The Hours)

Arvo Pärt Fratres (1977 / Arr. Vambola Krigul 2006)

Frederic Rzewski (b. 1938) Coming together (1973)


"Coming together" was the name of the concert of the "More Music!" ensemble on November 30 at the tim. With works by Philip Glass, Steven Reich, Arvo Pärt and Frederic Rzewski it became a fulfilling gathering. (...)The rebellious power led to courageous freedom through the gentleness of repetition and the multidimensionality of the spirit. The passionately powerful recitation by Iris Lichtinger and the explosive saxophone playing by Jan Kiesewetter provided goosebump moments."

a3 CULTURE Issue 2 / 2017