COMING TOGETHER I | art from prison

MORE MUSIC! Ensemble, musical director: Iris Lichtinger


Frederic Rzewski - "Coming together" and "Attica" , two works for variable ensemble and speaker, written in response to the revolt against the prison conditions of about 2200 inmates of the "Attica Correctional Facility" in New York State in 1971. Both works use texts written by an inmate.

MORE MUSIC! Ensemble

Iris Lichtinger | voice & direction

Shenglong Li | piano

Tom Jahn | synthesizer

Moritz Knapp | vibraphone

René Haderer | e- bass

Andreas Joos | trombone

Assia Chappot | cello

Concert for the opening of the exhibition "Art from Prison - Kunst aus dem Todestrakt" by Anja Claudia Pentrop as part of the cultural program for the Augsburg High Peace Festival 2017