A N I M A - S T R E A M  O F  L I F E

Music: Arturo Fuentes | Gheorghi Arnaoudov | Louis Andriessen | Péter Köszeghy (UA)| from the Llibre Vermell (14th century)

"The same stream of life that runs through my veins night and day, runs through the world and dances in rhythmic measures." Rabindranath Tagore

 This quote of the Indian poet, philosopher and musician Rabindranath Tagore is the guiding principle behind the conception of the program ANIMA - STREAM OF LIFE. The "stream of life" - not only linear, related to the different phases of human life, but also to a higher, spiritual level - is the thematic center of ANIMA. Works by contemporary composers from Bulgaria, Hungary, Mexico and the Netherlands - Arturo Fuentes, Gheorghi Arnaoudov, Louis Andriessen, Péter Köszeghy - are juxtaposed on this evening with pieces from the medieval collection "Llibre Vermell" (14th century) from the legendary Catalonian monastery of Montserrat.

Iris Lichtinger (recorder, voice) arranges the exciting program with Jürgen Groezinger (Percussion) and Fried Dähn(E-cello), two internationally renowned avant-gardists on their instrument, who enrich and complement the program with their own compositions.

The MEHR MUSIK! Ensemble (direction: Iris Lichtinger) contributes with Sara Chordà, Edward King (violoncello), Matthias Löffelmann, Raphael Sirch (bassoon) and Katharina Meyer (flute) multifaceted sound colors.


From "Llibre vermell" (14th century, Montserrat Monastery, Catalonia): O virgo splendens

Gheorghi Arnaoudov: Interpretaciones II (Miraculum super Llibre Vermell) (2007)

Jurgen Grozinger: Shadows

From "Llibre vermell" : Mariam, matrem virginem

Gheorghi Arnaoudov: Thyepolia (1997)

Friedemann Dahn: seul

From "Llibre vermell" : O virgo splendens

Jurgen Grozinger: Étoile

Louis Andriessen: Lacrimosa (1991)

Anonymous: El cant dels ocells

Arturo Fuentes: Mood (2012)

Peter Koszeghy: Kenshō for voice & percussion (2013, world premiere)

Ad hoc (improvisation)

From "Llibre vermell" : Splendens sceptigera