Innsbruckisch Aria -

Baroque Music at the Court of Innsbruck

Works by Giovanni Buonaventura Viviani, Georg Arnold, Angelo Michele Bartolotti, Silvius Leopoldus Weiß, Giovanni Pandolfi Mealli, Gottfried Finger

With Tyrol as an important interface between the Italian south and the German north, different musical cultures, traditions and styles met at the Innsbruck court, creating the special flair of the music produced there. Giovanni Buonaventura Viviani, a composer and violinist born in Florence, was recalled to the Innsbruck court as Kapellmeister by Emperor Leopold I after being dismissed by Archduke Sigismund Franz in 1663. Viviani's Sonatas op.4 were published during his stay in Augsburg, the southern German centre of printing at the time, in 1676. This evening will also feature rarely performed, outrageously imaginative recorder sonatas by Gottfried Finger, a Moravian-German composer who, after several years of successful work in England, served as concertmaster to the Tyrolean regent Karl Philipp von der Pfalz-Neuburg in Innsbruck.


Georg Arnold (1621-1676) Aria con Variationi from: "Aria, Canzoni, Sonatas".

Giovanni Bonaventura Viviani (1638-1693) Symphonia prima from: "Capricci armonici da chiesa e da camera".

Sylvius Leopold Weiss ( 1687 - 1750 ) Sonata à Liuto Solo B flat major Fantasia / Bourée / Aria / Rondeau

Gottfried Finger (ca. 1660-1730) Sonata IX op.3/9 from: " 12 sonatas for various instruments" Adagio / Allegro / Adagio / Allegro / Vivace Ciaccona


Gottfried Finger Sonata II op.3/2 Adagio / Allegro / Adagio / Vivace / Presto

Angelo Michele Bartolotti (1615-1681) Suite in G major for theorbo ( ca 1660 ) Preludio / Allemanda / Ciaccona / Corrente / Allemanda / Sarabanda / Giga

Sylvius Leopold Weiss ( 1687 - 1750 ) / Johann Sebastian Bach (1685 - 1750) Suonata A major Fantasia / Allegro / Sarabande / Menuet


Iris Lichtinger, baroque flutes & Axel Wolf, lute