MUSICA, CUR SILES? | Renaissance music from the surroundings of Emperor Maximilian I.

"Musica, cur siles?" - Music, why are you silent? is a line of text in the funeral motet "Quis dabit oculis nostris fontem lachrymarum", which Ludwig Senfl, leader of the court orchestra of Maximilian I, composed on the death of the emperor in 1519. He adapted an existing composition by the Italian Costanzo Festa (c. 1490-1545) for this purpose, possibly due to Maximilian's sudden death. This work, as well as others by Ludwig Senfl's famous teacher Heinrich Isaac and also by King Henry VIII, a ruler equally devoted to the Muses, whom Maximilian I had met in 1513, will not remain silent but will be heard.

Ensemble FAMA

Andreas Pehl, Altus & Iris Lichtinger, Renaissance Flutes & Michael Eberth, Clavicytherium



 Buxheim Organ Book (c. 1470) Redeuntes in mi

 Heinrich Isaac (1450-1517) Fortuna desperata in mi

 Ludwig Senfl (1486-1543) / arrangement of the motet by Costanzo Festa (1494- 1545)

Quis dabit oculis Funeral motet on the death of Emperor Maximilian I (1459-1519)


 Henry Isaac (1450-1517) Le serviteur

 Leonhard Paminger (1495-1567) Oh God, don't punish me

 Heinrich Isaac (1450-1517) Tart ara

 Philippe Verdelot (1485-1552) Ultimi miei sospiri


 Henry VIII (1491-1547) Taundernaken

 Henry Isaac (1450-1517) Fortuna desperata in fa

 Henry Isaac (1450-1517) Innsbruck, I must leave thee