Innsbruck, I must leave you

Music by the Court Kapellmeisters of Emperor Maximilian I - Heinrich Isaac and Ludwig Senfl

Emperor Maximilian I (1459-1519), known as the "last knight" in memory of the lost Middle Ages, was nevertheless rather a ruler who brought about the "triumph of the Renaissance" in Germany. An organiser of sumptuous festivities, he was a tireless patron of the arts. He, who never had an actual residence, chose Innsbruck as the starting point for his preoccupation with the fine arts. During numerous imperial congresses, the emperor stayed in Augsburg and took up residence here. His lavish style of ruling and love of art accumulated huge debts, which were covered by the Fugger banking house. The musical connection between "Augsburg and Tyrol" is characterised by two of the great masters of their time, both of whom were active as court chapel masters to Emperor Maximilian and who also had a teacher-pupil relationship: Heinrich Isaac (c. 1450-1517) and Ludwig Senfl (1490-1543).


Sabine Lutzenberger, soprano-Julian Podger, tenor-Bernd Oliver Fröhlich, tenor-Hans Ganser, baritone-Martin Senfter, bass

Iris Lichtinger, Renaissance recorders-Caroline Ritchie, bass viol and viola d'arco-Michael Eberth, clavicytherium and chest organ


Heinrich Isaak (c. 1450-1517)

Innsbruck I must leave you, 4vv

Kyrie from "Missa Carminum

Ave sanctissima Maria (Motet 4vv)

from Liber Selectarum Cantionum, 1520, Augsburg

Agnus Dei from the "Missa La spagna

Fortuna desperata,

Imperii proceres

Homage motet (4vv) in honour of Emperor Maximilian


Ludwig Senfl (1490-1543)

Ah Elslein, dear Elselein, tutti

Maecenas atavis,Humanist ode, 4vv,Text Horace

De profundis clamavi - Acustodia matutina, motet with psalm text 130, 5vv

Laudate Dominum, omnes gentes

Psalmus 116 trium vocum ter variatus (3vv)

Resolutio præcedentis quatuor vocibus (4vv)

 Resolutio prioris quinque vocibus (5vv)

Resolutio prioris sex vocibus (6vv)