A Musical Manuscript of the Renaissance

CONCERT FOR CD - PRESENTATION of the world premiere recording / First Recording

Forum Early Music Augsburg
Sabine Lutzenberger soprano; Terry Wey alto; Bernd Oliver Fröhlich tenor; Tim Whitely baritone; Joel Frederiksen bass; Hans Ganser bass-baritone and percussion ; Baptiste Romain fiddle, renaissance violin; Elizabeth Rumsey fiddle, viola da gamba; Iris Lichtinger recorders;Angelika Radowitz bass-dulcian; Michael Eberth clavichord, organ, harpsichord; Wolfram Oettl harpsichord

Augsburg Songbook
The State and City Library of Augsburg holds a very special treasure: the extensive manuscript 2°. Cod. 142a is a music-historical treasure of the first rank. It was produced by several scribes in circles of Augsburg citizens in the years between about 1505 and 1518. As a reflection of the high level of musical cultivation among the Augsburg patricians, this manuscript is a highly valuable document of urban culture at the beginning of the 16th century. It is no longer possible to determine by whom it was commissioned and written. Later it was part of the music collection of Hans Heinrich Herwart (1520-1583) of Augsburg and from there it came to the Augsburg City Library, founded in 1537. Josquin des Prèz and Alexander Agricola are named as composers in the manuscript, in part with works that have only survived here. Paul Hofhaimer, Heinrich Finck, Ludwig Senfl, Jacob Obrecht and others - all important musicians of the time around 1500 - can also be traced. The contents of the "Liederbuch" are varied, almost colourful. The music of the free imperial city of Augsburg at the beginning of the 16th century is represented here: In addition to a repertoire of sacred motets and secular chansons that was internationally widespread at the time, there are a large number of anonymously transmitted vocal and instrumental movements that are only found in this manuscript. Furthermore, there are a number of dances which refer to the work of the Augsburg town piper (the piper Jacob von Hurlach is even mentioned by name in a pen sample). With this CD we present a world premiere recording of compositions from the "Augsburg Songbook". It reflects the breadth of the repertoire - including the pieces that have only survived here - and the richness of musical life in Augsburg's "Golden Age". (Text: Hans Ganser)