S O U N D I N G  V A N I T A S


Those who set out on the traces of vanitas - transience and fleetingness - need not go far. It is in everything and in all, and despite its horror, it is at the same time the all-pervading, sense-giving, essential factor. In this programme, contemporary sound images of vanitas are juxtaposed with those from past epochs, such as that of the great baroque master and melancholic Henry Purcell.

Artists: Sebastian Giussani, electronics - Iris Lichtinger, flauto dolce- Marlis Neumann, harp- Wolfram Oettl, harpsichord- Sophia Rieth, flauto dolce- Jacopo Sabina, lute - Joseph Warner, double bass


Maki Ishii A gleam of time

Sebastian Giussani ASTROMAG +-

Joseph Warner sound and lament

Mario Lavista Ofrenda

Wolfram Oettl Division upon a Ground

Edmund Rubbra Passacaille "Plusieurs regrets"

Johannes X Schachtner V from : Organi

Godfrey Finger Ciaccona

Henry Purcell Two in one upon a ground

Henry Purcell A ground in c