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Konzert zu Ehren des großen amerikanischen Komponisten George Crumb.



George Crumb (*1929)

VOX BALAENAE  (1972) for three masked players : Flute, Cello , Piano (all electrified)

Vocalise (…for the beginning of time). Wildly, fantastic; grotesque

Variations on Sea-Time. Adagio; solemn, with calm majesty. Sea-Theme: Archeozoik (Var. I) – Proterozoic (Var. II) – Paleozoic (Var. III) – Mesozoic (Var. IV) – Cenozoic (Var. V)

Sea-Nocturne (…for the end of time)

TRIO NOIR: Judith Müller- Querflöte  Detmar Leertouwer - Violoncello   Iris Lichtinger -  Klavier


George Crumb

QUEST   (1990; rev. 1994) for Mixed Ensemble:  Solo Guitar, Soprano-Sax, Percussion , Harp and Double bass.

Refrain 1

I Dark Paths

II Fugitive Sounds

Refrain 2

III Forgotten Dirges

IV Fugitive Sounds

Refrain 3

Dimitri Lavrentiev - Gitarre  Christian Elin - Saxophon  Sebastian Hausl - Percussion  Christine Gruber - Harfe  Ursula Trappe - Kontrabass  Anne Hausl - Hackbrett    Kevin Edusei - Dirigat